Leverage the Power of Customer Ascension

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Find the Perfect Segment

SegmentWizard, will automatically segment your existing users by:

- Recency of Purchase

- Frequency of Purchase

- Customer Lifetime Value

- Categories & Collections

Engage them Up Sell Ads

The more up to date your Ads based on your customer behaviour the higher chance in converting them into a repeat customer.

Don't miss out, we offer realtime sync of your custom audiences.

Laser Sharp Targeting on Autopilot

Real Time updates to Your Custom Audiences.

No More List Pruning

We automate creating customer lists & uploading them to FB Ads for You

Leverage your customer data to get more accurate audiences & drive down the CPA.

Lower CPAs

We're here to make you a more product ad manager. The less time you spend in our app the better!

Set it & Forget it

Join My Segmentation 101 Course for Free

If you want ot learn more about this process and how you can use to grow your Shopify business, then you have to checkout my free Customer Segmentation 101 Course. In this course I go into details and answer some of the following questions:

- What is customer segmentation?

- How to do proper analysis?

- Example segments from other Stores.

- Strategies for getting the most $$$.

Thanks for taking the time to readh this, If you wan to get started growing your Shopify business go there to wget my free Customer Segmentations 101 Course.

Here's to your guture sucess on Shopify!